Damning rate of Jinn claims: why we need to lift the curtain


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By Bilyamin Abdulmumin


While on a national assignment, within some distance from us, suddenly one of the Government Day Secondary School girls entered in high spirits, exhibiting behavior like that of one “possessed by Jinn”.

Amid observing the unfolding, the question I have had in mind for a long time came out: why the rate of claims for Jinn possession seems to frequent the Hausa-Fulani ethnic group?

Immediately one person, among our visitors, who looked to traverse the breadth and length of the country jumped onto my bandwagon. He too has been harboring similar questions.

But as expected, the opposing reaction came from one of us, who flies the kite of the absolute validity of this phenomenon. According to him ” Jinn usually identify believing people to harm them, they don’t have interest with other non-believers”

This is not a new view to me, so in the absence of having a new one, I reserve my follow-up question: why the believers in the South of the country or other Muslim countries like the Middle East don’t seem to report a similar rate of supernatural effect on humans? Even here in this part of the world, the rural areas report more cases than the urban, why? But I held on to my peace.

It is in the altar of this damning rate of the blame on the Jinn that this article wishes to discuss issues, as a possible culprit, in addition to the real act of Jinn, these other two issues are medical and psychological causes


Some time ago, my sister was sent for an errand, as soon as she stepped outside the house she could not figure out what happened to her, neither her direction nor where she was going, so she embark on the journey of no return, only to be found, the next day, in a rural town several kilometers away from our town. A typical Jinn-possessed scenario.

But instead of blaming Jinn, my father asked me to take her to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. what we got as a result from the Dr rocked my world, it supersedes my imagination. Because her blood test showed a very high level of malaria.

As if the Dr had glimpsed into my mind, he started to analyze the results with me. According to him, this level of malaria could make a patient exhibit behavior like the one under the influence of Jinn, because it can transpire in the patient’s mind as if they are calling his name, so the person may even run while nobody is chasing him.

I wouldn’t have expected the signs and symptoms of malaria to reach this fever pitch level. Since then, the issue of Jinn possession has never been of the first value to me; it could be Jinn or an ailment


When later I discussed my experience and my view about Jinn with a friend, I found him with another intriguing experience and view to share with me.

According to him, he has a step-sister whose mother was divorced, so as she grew older she would be keeping her distance from other house members, she will be in bad mood often, until her behavior began to deviate from normal, but my friend has already been observing the situation so instead to join other family members labeling her as a cast spelled, he attempted and succeeded to bring her closer to himself, she would reveal her episodes of grievances as he expected, so he would taking it up himself the task of reviving her, reintegrating her into the family.

Thanks to my friend’s gesture, his sister would find happiness again and the label against her as Jinn’s spell did not succeed.

Females tend to be the most affected by psychological trauma coming from range of issues auch as sexual abuse, parent separation, unstable marriage, social and cultural tribulation. Perhaps these inform why the issues of jinn are more prevalent among the females

In a nutshell, It is high time to stop taking any issue as the first value for Jinn or any supernatural effect, we need to probe any suspicious issue to the limit, because apart from the real occasion where it is a Jinn, in other many circumstances it is not. Medical, psychological, physical, social are among the major culprits


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